Wash Me Fast offers your organization a new way to reach its fundraising goals.  It's free and easy to setup, increasing contributions to your organization and washing your car has never been so fun! 


How does a Car Wash Fundraiser work?

Wash Me Fast provides you with window decals that display a special code assigned to your organization. Friends, family, coworkers or anyone wanting a clean car can use these special codes to support your organization.

When your support team visits Wash Me Fast, they simply select Fundraiser on our pay station terminal, type in the code provided and select one of our $15, $18, or $20 wash packages.  20% of every purchase made through your car wash fundraiser goes directly to your organization.  Wash Me Fast automatically documents these washes and your organization receives a check.  The more you wash, the more money you raise!


Who Qualifies?

·         Non-Profit Organizations

·         Local Service Clubs

·         Schools and School Bands

·         Community Projects

·         Church and Synagogue Groups

·         Youth Athletic Teams


·         Easy to start

·         Raise money quickly (and potentially on a regular basis)

·         Nothing to inventory

·         No orders to take


How to Get Started? 

Submit your request to host a car wash fundraiser by completing our fundraising form below and our team will get you started!